My name is Darren and I shoot people.

I have always been passionate about photography and within the past fifteen years or so, when I have pointed my camera, it has inevitably been towards someone.
In my life, I have been lucky to see some fantastic sights.  I have seen the beauty of the Taj Mahal, but what I most remember about India is walking the streets of Varanasi late at night and spontaneously being pulled into a local wedding, plied with food, drinks and made a welcome part of a couple's biggest day for no reason other than they wanted to share their happiness with a friendly, inquisitive stranger.
I've seen and been held in awe of the Temples of Angkor, Cambodia. The best part of that was the time my scooter got a flat and while waiting for my driver to return from repairs, I was pulled into a tiny village in the middle of the Angkor complex; just four bamboo homes and one extended family.I spoke no Khmer and they spoke no English, but it was 45 minutes of amazing fellowship and genuine fun, aided in part by three of the sweetest kids imaginable.
By now, it is a cliché to say that people the world over are the same. They care about friends, they care about family, they are eager to learn and befriend about those who are different from them. No matter how clichéd that might be, I can tell you firsthand that it is true.
I shoot people, because it is people who make this world so interesting.
Now,I have taken that passion for people, married it with my passion for photography and I am making myself available to capture the times and the people that are important to you. Let me help you by capturing the most important things in your life; your memories. Whether it is a corporate event, family gathering, school function, portrait session or any other time that is important to you, I want to be there to help you capture the times of your life.
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