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Old School - Film photography isn't yet dead.
Betel Nut Smile - This is unfortunately too common here in Taiwan.Betel nuts are a stimulant and a scourge in much of Taiwan.
Devotion. At Taipei's historic Longshan Temple
Cream Cakes. In the Jingmei Night Market.
Fresh Meat. Butcher at the Dongmen Market in Taipei
Noodle Stall
Dried Persimmons. Getting ready for the Lunar New Year at the Dihua Street Market in Taipei.
Security. In Taipei's MRT system
Exercises. Parks are a common place for people, especially seniors, to get their workout on in Taiwan.
Headphones. Cosplayer at a Taipei event
For Your Safety. MRT security keeps folks safe in the MRT system.
Smoke Break. A demonstrator at a political rally in Taipei.
Shopkeeper. Time passes slowly at a traditional market in Taipei
Make Up. Preparations for a Taiwanese opera
Bifocals. Reader in a park in Taipei
Magenta and Green. At a cosplay event in Taipei
Rainy Days Don't Get Me Down
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